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    Commercial Properties in Maginhawa Street and Malingap Street

    Commercial Properties in Maginhawa Street and Malingap Street

    The Growth of Commercial Spaces in Sikatuna Village, Teachers Village and UP Village has Reached a Critical Mass

    Gyoza and Ramen House

    There are two main streets in the Sikatuna, Teachers Village, UP Village area that have been transformed in the past several years to a restaurant destination: Maginhawa Street and, more recently, Malingap Street.

    Maginhawa was only dotted with a handful of food places in the early 2000s, led by hole-in-the-wall type establishments that catered to residents and a young, mostly, student population. More restaurants started to open over the years and slowly established Maginhawa as a must-see destination for foodies. This reputation reached a new height when the 75th Founding Anniversary Celebration of Quezon City was, in part, celebrated with a day-long food festival in the whole stretch of Maginhawa Street. A tipping- point was reached as more restaurants started to locate in Maginhawa, and now Malingap St. New inventory of leasable commercial spaces, from repurposed residential structures to brand-new commercial buildings, became available. As of August 2015, at least 4 multi-story structures are being constructed in Maginhawa .

    Critical Mass of Choices

    There are 3 distinct clusterings of commercial spaces in Maginhawa and one in Malingap. The establishment of distinct, sometimes complementary, restaurant groupings near each other help create a critical mass of choices for customers and fosters an attractive festive atmosphere.

    Commercial Spaces in Maginhawa Street and Malingap Street


    Areas Outside the Clusters

    In general, establishments located in the clusters are helped by the foot traffic generated by the groupings. It is still possible to successfully introduce a business outside the clusters provided the offering is distinct (ex. Jeepney Boodle Fight – transferred from the Cluster 2 area and established a solo position near Mayaman St. and is doing well. ) or the new location introduces multiple locators – creating a grouping of its own. (ex. Multi- storey commercial structure at the corner of Makadios and Maginhawa.)


    V. Luna Extension (Sikatuna Village) – Cluster 1

    The stretch of of V. Luna Extension from the corner of Anonas St. is commonly mistaken as the start of Maginhawa Street., but it is still part of V. Luna Extension. Maginhawa St. really begins from the turn marked by Makadios St. Nonetheless, this part of V. Luna Extension is Cluster 1 since it is dotted by a number of restaurants. Although not as extensive as the other parts of Maginhawa.



    Maginhawa Street (Sikatuna Village to Teachers Village) – Cluster 2

    Cluster 2 starts near the corner of Maginhawa and Makadios and stops just short of Malingap St.



    Maginhawa Street (Sikatuna Village to Teachers Village) – Cluster 3

    Cluster 3 starts near the corner of Maginhawa and Malingap and end near the corner with Marilag St. in UP Village.






    Malingap Street (Teachers Village) – Cluster A

    The Malingap Street cluster starts near the corner of Malingap and Mahiyain and ends near its corner with Malumanay.



    What It Takes to Be Part of the Maginhawa-Malingap Food Street

    From years of observation, the best restaurants in Maginhawa & Malingap, and the ones that last, are the specialists. You have to be known for at least one thing: inexpensive flame-grilled burgers, Binondo-style Pancit Bihon with Lechon, flame-grilled peri-peri chicken, etc.

    I will take the trouble and wade thru traffic all the way from BLANK to try your…..

    The jack-of-all-trades we-have-everything restaurants do not last. Secondly, it has to be unique. If it’s not unique, at the least it’s a new take on an old staple. Mainstream restaurants will not do well here.

    The Lost Bread at Maginhawa Eat Street.




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