A PEZA-Accredited Prime Industrial Park Just 30 Minutes from the CAVITEX Toll Plaza

Proof of the rise of the Philippine economy is the increasing demand for lots and warehouses for the manufacturing industry. Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) incentives to exporters and manufacturers have provide an attractive stimulus for the Philippine export industry as well as companies from the US, Europe, China, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc. to locate or relocate their manufacturing operations in the country.

A new industrial park is now operational just 30 minutes from the CAVITEX Toll Plaza and places manufacturing and warehouse operations within easy reach of the country’s transport and economic hubs.

Suntrust Ecotown Tanza, is a new PEZA-accredited eco-friendly industrial township in Tanza, Cavite. Prime industrial lots, minimum of 5,000 sqm, are ready for construction. Ready-to-use Standard Factory Buildings are also offered for locators with immediate requirements.


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√ Accredited by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority. Certificate of Registration EZ 01-001

√ Exceptional fiscal and non-fiscal incentives offered to investors.

√ Prime industrial and commercial lots with a minimum size of 5,000 square meters.

√ Recreational amenities, modern facilities and round-the-clock security and transport.

√ Strategic location in a first-class municipality



Note: Contact us to confirm availability.

5,040 sqm

5,048 sqm

5,076 sqm

5,176 sqm

5,262 sqm

5,423 sqm

5,688 sqm

5,760 sqm

5,828 sqm

5,950 sqm

5,955 sqm

5,986 sqm

6,065 sqm

6,192 sqm

6,431 sqm

6,848 sqm

6,889 sqm

6,893 sqm

6,939 sqm

6,995 sqm

6,973 sqm

6,998 sqm

7,123 sqm

7,895 sqm

8,098 sqm

8,436 sqm

8,559 sqm

8,602 sqm

8,868 sqm

9,260 sqm

9,868 sqm

10,043 sqm

10,615 sqm

10,656 sqm

10,703 sqm

10,889 sqm

11,315 sqm

11,672 sqm

11,911 sqm

13,214 sqm

13,290 sqm

13,301 sqm

14,115 sqm



Click image to view STANDARD FACTORY BUILDING options in Suntrust Ecotown. See the 360 View of the interior of the building.

Ready to Use - Standard Factory Buildings



  • Location: Tanza, Cavite
  • Initial Land Area: 111.4 hectares (based on Presidential Proclamation No. 226)
  • Total No. of Lots: 104 (industrial), 22 (commercial – SOLD OUT)
  • Lot Cuts: 5,000 sqm minimum per lot (up to 15,491 sqm)
  • Targeted Industries: Domestic and International


Exceptional Investment Incentives

As a township accredited by PEZA, an investment promotion agency attached to the Department of Trade and Industry, Suntrust Ecotown offers investors a variety of fiscal and non-fiscal benefits.


√ Income tax holiday or exemption from corporate income tax for four to eight years. Special 5% tax rate on gross income after the income tax holiday period.

√ Exemption from national and local taxes.

√ Exemption from wharfage dues, export tax impost or fees.

√ Duty-free importation of capital equipment, spare parts, materials and supplies.

√ Tax credit on domestic capital equipment.

√ Additional deduction for training expenses for labor and management.

√ Additional deduction for labor expenses (50% of wages corresponding to increment in number of direct labor subject to certain conditions)

√ Resident status for foreign investors and immediate family members.

√ Employment of foreign nationals

√ Automated import and export permit system

√ Simplified import-export procedures




The first-class municipality of Tanza in Cavite is an ideal location for Suntrust Ecotown, where your business finds a home.

Suntrust Ecotown Tanza Cavite Location Map


  • Makati Central Business District (Distance: 29 KM / Travel Time: 40 minutes)
  • Ortigas Central Business District (Distance: 43 KM / Travel Time: 48 minutes)
  • McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig (Distance: 37 KM / Travel Time: 44 minutes)
  • Resorts World Manila (Distance: 28 KM / Travel Time: 28 minutes)
  • Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Distance: 28 KM / Travel Time: 28 minutes)
  • Manila Port (Distance: 36 KM / Travel Time: 44 minutes)
  • Batangas Port (Distance: 114 KM / Travel Time: 100 minutes)


Suntrust Ecotown Tanza is just 24 kilometers from the CAVITEX toll plaza. Check out the video below to get an idea of the straight route to Suntrust Ecotown.


Site Development Plan

The planned 300-350 hectare development initially features a 111-hectare industrial park, which offers prime industrial lots with a minimum size of 5,000 square meters.

Suntrust Ecotown Tanza Cavite Site Development Plan


View #1 – Administration Office Area
View #2 – Intersection
View #3 – Intersection

Closer View of Support Services Areas

Suntrust Ecotown Tanza Cavite SDP Support Services

Suntrust Ecotown Tanza SDP Support Services Area


Community Offerings

Modern amenities and facilities complete the master-planned layout of Suntrust Ecotown. Tenant locators and their employees are guaranteed leisure and comfort every day in the well-designed, well-connected community. The township’s 24/7 setting is supported by round-the-clock security and transport services, letting tenant locators enjoy the utmost convenience.

  • Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) Office
  • Customs Office
  • Administration Office
  • Fire Station
  • Chapel
  • Hotel
  • Shuttle Terminal
  • E-Vehicle
  • Parking for Container Vans
  • Guard House


Suntrust Ecotown Tanza Cavite Industrial Township - Shuttle Terminal

Suntrust Ecotown Tanza Cavite Industrial Township - Fire Station

Suntrust Ecotown Tanza Cavite Industrial Township - Guard House


Recreational Facilities

A wide array of recreational amenities gives the community a sense of place and makes the Suntrust Ecotown experience even more vibrant.

  • Driving Range
  • Mini Golf Course
  • Putting Greens
  • Swimming Pool
  • Jogging Path
  • Basketball Court
  • Badminton Court
  • Park

Suntrust Ecotown Tanza Cavite - Active Sports Area - Basketball and Badminton Courts

Suntrust Ecotown Tanza Cavite - Activity Area

Suntrust Ecotown Tanza Cavite - Chapel

Suntrust Ecotown Tanza Cavite - Mini Golf


As part of its eco-friendly orientation, the project prioritizes the effective use of land, sustainable use of renewable resources and proper management of the environment.


License to Sell: HLURB License to Sell No: 029054

Developer: Suntrust Properties, Inc.

All images, drawings and unit layouts in this material are conceptual and intended to give a general idea of the project, and maybe subject to change.

Note: Prices listed, as well as the availability of units, are subject to change without prior notice.



Property Features

  • 24/7 Security
  • Badminton Court
  • Basketball Court (full)
  • Chapel
  • Suntrust Ecotown