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    Maginhawa Street: The Best Restaurants in Quezon City’s Foodie Street

    Ever wonder how a place suddenly becomes known for something? What’s the spark that triggers a street to become known for, say, car parts and accessories? Think Banawe Street in Quezon City. How about a street known for computers? Think Gilmore also in Quezon City. It’s not like somebody organized and designed a masterplan: “On this side of town, we’re going to have  rows and rows of pet shops….” Whatever the reason, I’m glad that in the lottery of things to be known for, our street became known for: FOOD. Cue “Ice Age” movie music… “foooood…. glorious food!”

    Maginhawa Street runs north to south from U.P. Village through Teacher’s Village and ends in Sikatuna Village in Quezon City. Long known as a quiet residential area, its close proximity to the University of the Philippines, the Ateneo de Manila University, Miriam College and other schools help provide a stream of students and families looking for new flavors, bites and hangouts in the area, so much so that the food boom has expanded to the side streets as well. Looking to be part of the boom? Check this out.

    Explore the choices.

    It’s Back! Part 2!! Quezon City Food Festival!

    See you on December 12, 2015 (9am – 12mn)!

    Maginhawang Pasko, Quezon City Food Festival 2015.




    Maginhawa StrEAT Food Park

    Maginhawa StreEAT is arranged as a food park, similar to BBQ Zone along Malingap St. They initially had 4 locators only during our first visit but practically every corner has a food stall.


    Maginhawa Streat Food Park


    The Lost Bread

    Found in Maginhawa StreEAT Food Park

    The long lines were intriguing. So after several tries over a couple of weeks, we finally got to try what they were serving. The Lost Bread had long lines for milkshakes so we tried that first. These are not your run-of-the-mill milk shakes. There are the Cake Shakes – which are “cake-inspired” concepts: think of a milk shake with caramel popcorn, vanilla cake and an afro of cotton candy. There’s also “18+” – milk shakes with alcohol. Don’t get too excited – it’s not enough to give you a buzz. 🙂

    The Lost Bread at Maginhawa Eat Street.


    Caution Hot

    Finally, a great noodle house opens in Maginhawa! Well not exactly along Maginhawa. This one is just across Mini Stop so… it’s almost Maginhawa. 🙂 Pork-based, Laksa-based, and Szechuan-based broths, with a choice between wheat and egg noodles, select either beef, pork or seafoods for it and you’re good to get hot. The bowls come in various heats. If you can hack the really spicy ones – good luck!

    Caution Hot Noodles


    The BRGR Project

    Custom-made burgers. Make it the way you want it. Tip: Get the Angus beef pattie but stick to the basics on your first try: sesame seed bun, cheddar, tomato, lettuce, etc. None of the egg, bacon, mushroom, etc. etc.. Try those myriad combinations on your next visit.

    The Brgr Project. Found along Maginhawa Street in Quezon City.


    Pakibalot Panciteria

    One of the best tasting bihon and lechon combinations outside of Binondo. We probably go to this place several times a month. Best bang for P180 pesos – that’s the bihon with the lechon. Tip: Right across the restaurant is Mona’s Bakery which serves light pandesal that goes very well with the bihon.

    Pakibalot Panciteria. Found along Maginhawa Street in Quezon City. One of the best lechon and bihon combinations ever!


    A Taste of Heaven Milkshakes

    What else? Milkshakes! This is more traditional compared to the other options in the street. So if you want to enjoy tradition, you know where to go.

    A Taste of Heaven Milkshakes. Found along Maginhawa Street in Quezon City.


    RBy’s Steak and Shakes

    Craving for a cheesesteak sandwhich? Maginhawa has that covered too.

    Cheesesteak anyone? The food selection along Maginhawa Street keep expanding!


    Snack Shack Fresh Grilled Burgers

    Great flavor! The smell of burgers on the grill…. ah don’t get me started.

    Much has already been written about this hole-in-a-wall burger joint just next to the Sikatuna Village barangay hall. If you want honest-to-goodness burgers at just P70 for a quarter-pounder (you read that right – P70!!!) then head on over. Be prepared for a short wait though since they grill the meat fresh. They even season the meat fresh! (They season the patties just before they hit the grill. That means the salt, pepper, etc. doesn’t have any chance to draw out the natural juices of the meat – which would have resulted in a sad dry burger.) Try these guys. They know burgers!

    The scent of grilled burgers alone would get you salivating! Snack Shack along Maginhawa Street in Quezon City.


    Snow Creme

    Shaved iced desserts. Tried this several months ago. Great after-meal desserts specially if you need to cool down.

    Snow Creme along Maginhawa Street, Quezon City.


    Bowl and Brew

    Great place for Pancit Lucban!

    Maginhawa Street: Bowl and Brew. Pancit Lucban.



    Jeepney Boodle Fight aka Gerry’s Boodle Fight

    Perfect for when the barkada comes over or the fam wants a big meal. Dig in! (I don’t know what happened to the Jeepney reference – there must have been a trademark concern. But nonetheless, happy tummies whenever we go to this place.) Update: They moved already to #7 Maginhawa. Bigger place! More jeeps!

    Maginhawa Street: Jeepney Boodle Fight


    Jek’s Ku-Bo Ku-Bo

    Great bulalo and ulo-ulo sinigang. If you want great tasting and relatively inexpensive Filipino food, this should be on your stop when you go to Maginhawa.

    Maginhawa Street: Jek's Ku-Bo Ku-Bo Bulalo


    The Bakers Table

    A fantastic place to get dessert. Try their ube braso de mercedes. One of our favorites! Additional Favorites: Butterball Cake (based on the butterball candy) and Hawhaw (based on the Hawhaw milk candy).

    The Bakers Table: Braso de Mercedes (ube)


    Tornado Peri-Peri Chicken

    Love the flame grilled chicken. Has a mouth watering aroma to it. 🙂

    Maginhawa Street: Tornado Peri-Peri Chicken


    Bobo’s Pizzeria

    Brick oven pizza! Tried the cheese pizza. Have a new fav. 🙂

    Bobo's Pizzeria, Maginhawa Street, Quezon City.


    Friuli Trattoria

    Friuli is one of the pioneer restaurants in the Maginhawa food scene. If you’re looking for a quick, hot, inexpensive pizza, Friuli would fit the bill. They’re know for more than pizzas however. We normally knock back their 4-Cheese Pizzas with their Pasta, more often the Carbonara. A must-try is the ravioli.

    Friuli Trattoria Restaurant. Pasta, Pizza in Maginhawa.


    Papa Diddi’s Ice Cream Company

    Got to try Papa Diddi’s just recently. Was amazed at the unusual but quite delicious ice cream concoctions. Think of the following: Tsokolate De Cagayan, Tarragon, Sweet P. (P stands for Potatoes), Farm Cheese, Avocado Rhum, Peanut Butter & Jelly… There was a rice-based one during our visit but we weren’t brave enough to try it. 🙂 P55 for the “Restraint” order – meaning just 1 scoop. P75 for the “Treat” – 2 scoops and so forth.

    Papa Diddi's Ice Cream Company in Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.


    Wicked Kitchen

    This favorite along Maginhawa has pasta, burgers, etc. but we’ve always ended up having dessert. Why? It’s a stone’s throw away from our place and the perfect cap to dinner at home. 🙂

    Wicked Kitchen Maginhawa Sikatuna


    Snacks & Ladders

    This game and food place just recently opened in Maginhawa. Come in with your barkada, order food and play the different games available. It’s a great alternative to playing at home if you have a big noisy group. 🙂

    Snacks & Ladders Maginhawa Street, Quezon City




    Just off Maginhawa….

    Gyoza and Ramen House

    Just recently opened along Malingap St. (near the corner with Kalayaan Avenue) is Gyoza and Ramen House. In some instances, when you try one of the street restaurants or hole-in-the-wall joints in the different foodie streets in the Philippines, part of you gets wary or worried that a neighborhood street version of a favorite, particularly one you’ve always had in the large malls of the country, will disappoint. Which is why I’m so glad this restaurant hit the spot. The Gyoza and the Sesame Ramen we ordered was top notch. The Shoyu was good as well. It would be fantastic once they start offering Tonkotsu-based Ramens. 🙂

    Gyoza and Ramen House



    Uncle Moe’s Shawarma

    One of the better shawarma places for me. (Malingap Street)

    Uncle Moe's Shawarma (Along Malingap Street, Quezon City)


    Ally’s All-Day Breakfast

    Tapa, silogs, pancakes, you name it… all-things breakfast. (Malingap Street)

    Ally's All-Day Breakfast in Malingap Street.


    Angus Tapa Centrale by Tapsilog Centrale

    This tapa place uses thinly-sliced beef cuts (like a Sukiyaki-cut) while retaining the traditional beef tapa flavors of a tapsilog. The meat is so tender that it’s easy to wolf down the entire thing in just minutes. 🙂

    Angus Tapa Centrale by Tapsilog Centrale in Malingap St., Quezon City


    The Iscreamist

    One of the unique places in the neighborhood. They make fresh ice cream before your eyes using liquid nitrogen. Yup, the same stuff that froze the T-1000 in  Terminator 2 (with Arnold Schwarzenegger, like you didn’t know).  Try the Dragon’s Breath. Dip a macaroon into the liquid nitrogen for a few seconds then pop it in your mouth – and make like a dragon!

    The Iscreamist - along Magiting Street in Quezon City


    The Porch

    They have ribs, steaks…. but we ended up with dessert. Ice cream cakes for your sweet tooth. (Anonas Extension)

    The Porch. Found along Anonas Extension.




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